Ladies, Gentlemen, and sentients of all shapes, sizes and galaxies! Welcome to the 15th annual deadball tournament!

Before you stand 8 teams of worthy competitors, each of them literally dying for your entertainment! Let’s hear it for them folks!

The crowd cheers with excitement as some players wave to the crowd, while others stare at the other teams, their eyes full of malice.

That’s the spirit! To open these festivities, let’s welcome the older survivor of these games! He goes by Julian the Gamechanger!!

A rather feeble looking human male is wheeled out to the middle of the stadium. His face sunken casting long shadows across his features.

Well folks, I guess that’s what happens to those who give their lives to this sport!

Juian slowly raises a hand to wave to the crowd and smiles showing off the three good teeth he has remaining.

Looks like he wants to say a few words. Quite down everyone! Give the man some respect

Julian speaks with a weak voice in to a microphone attached to the side of his head.

Fifteen long years ago, I took this stage with the goal of winning the very first tournament.I did that, and then two more after that. It was all for the glory and the entertainment of you, the fans.

The crowd cheers.


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